Do you know an Opportunity when you see one

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, invited 5 people to his Harvard Dorm room 12 years ago to discuss a business opportunity.

Only 2 people showed up and they decided to get in.

the other 3 didn\'t pay him any attention.

Today, those people are billionaires.

Dustin Moskovitz: 10.8 billion

Eduardo Saverin: 7.4 billion

Nothing costs more than a closed mind and a missed OPPORTUNITY.

A \'\'THINKING ABOUT IT\'\' for too long can cost you a whole lot of time and money...

It\'s your choice, your life, it\'s up to you to make the decision TODAY.

So the question is :

If I showed you an OPPORTUNITY or a way out of your current situation as a part-time thing that could potentially lead to full time

Leveraging the internet the most powerful skill set a person can learn as long you have your mindset


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